DO buy a safe that is AT LEAST one size bigger than you think you need! Trust us on this one…we have sold enough safes over the years to know you’ll never say “ahhhh man, I wish I got a smaller one!” Think about it. A quality gun safe is an investment. Something you’re planning on keeping for a long time and probably will end up passing it down to the next generation. So think long term. Your gun collection will most definitely grow at some point over your life. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re only going to put guns in your safe. Once you get a safe home you start realizing it is a fantastic and “safe” place to put all kinds of things (i.e. cameras, documents, pictures, spare keys, binoculars, the list can go on). So remember, safes only get smaller once you get them home so buy once and buy bigger!

DO look around at other brands and models before you buy! I know, here you are on OUR website and we’re telling you to go shop around. Who does that? We know that buying a gun safe, or at least a quality one, is a big purchase. We’re talking about buying something that is going to protect and hold the things you hold most dear and valuable to you. It’s a big deal! We also know that we sell an incredible product with an incredible value. Couple that value with our incredible service and we’re sure you’ll be back. So we encourage you to go out and do your homework and see what else is out there. Many of our customers do this and time and time again end up coming back to us. They tell us that nobody else in town educates them about safes and gives them the personal buying experience that we do.

DO consider where you are going to put your safe and how you’ll get it there before you buy! Will it be in the garage? In the house? Up or down a flight of stairs? Will you pick it up and tackle the placement/install yourself? Or will you take advantage of our delivery service so you can live to see another day? These are all questions to consider because they could affect which safe and/or size you can buy. For example, if a safe is going up or down a flight of stairs this service will cost you more money and limit you on the size of safe you can get because stair climbing equipment can only handle so much weight and we can only fit so many of our safe delivery guys in your staircase. Delivery service always costs more (not just with us) when a safe is going in the house than in the garage. One guy can usually deliver most safes in the garage with a pallet jack but when it goes into the house it requires more manpower and the right tools. But here’s a bonus don’t: DON’T let the place you’d “like” your safe dictate the size of safe you get. Buy the safe size that you know will fit your needs for years to come. If you buy the small one just to fit in that spot in the bedroom at some point you’ll wish you went bigger and just had put it in the garage. We probably put 70% of all safes we sell in the garage. The garage is a great place because it’s concrete and sheetrock and naturally gives you better fire protection than inside the house. Plus it’s out of the way…not everyone has a good place in the house to fit a huge rectangular steel box. If you’re going to put it in the garage consider having us bolt down the safe to the concrete for you. This alleviates any concern you may have of someone “walking” off with your safe or trying to tip it over to pry into.


DON’T settle for the cheapest safe you can find! An easy rule of thumb: if the safe is cheap the safe is cheap. Of course this rule applies to many things we buy but it ESPECIALLY applies to gun safes. Safes are made out of steel and fire insulation and that’s what you’re paying for. For safe manufacturers to keep the price down on safes they still have to make money so they just make them cheaper. They put less time into them, less steel, and less fire protection. To meet the demand of the big box stores and consumers demanding cheap safes, manufactures have sent production over to China. The Chinese manufacturers can push out hundreds of safes per day. In contrast, Heritage Safe Company can make 16-20 safes per day in their Grace, Idaho manufacturing plant. They take more time and effort with every safe to ensure quality and integrity. Another point here is that you don’t plan on putting cheap things IN your safe so why buy a cheap low quality safe to protect the things you consider valuable? I challenge you to put a value on your gun and valuables collection. You will find it does not take long for even the smallest collection to out value a good quality safe. Am I saying go buy an $8,000 safe to protect $2,000 worth of guns? Absolutely not. I’m saying DON’T buy a $599 safe to protect $2,000+ worth of guns. We would love to show you exactly what we’re talking when you come in and look.