About Our Company

Grills and safes? Weird combination. We know. However, that’s the extent of our business and each are our speciality. You wouldn’t go to a hardware store to buy jewelry right? We aren’t trying to compete with the big box stores because let’s be honest, we can’t. But they can’t compete with us either. We sell quality and, more importantly, we provide our customers with something the big boys can’t…a relationship and a personalized one-on-one buying experience. Hard to find these days. It is because we are a small, local, specialized retail store that we MUST care about each customer. Every customer counts. We can’t afford unhappy customers therefore we strive with each one to provide superior service, product education, and a positive buying experience that will keep them coming back. Give us a chance to EARN your business and we guarantee you we will!


Some particulars: Gourmet Grills & Heritage Safe Outlet was established in 2006. We have 2 departments, but please don’t call us a department store. In the grill department we specialize in 3 different market leaders. The world renowned Big Green Egg ceramic kamado style smoker/grill, Louisiana Wood Pellet Grills, and Memphis Wood Pellet Grills. Also on the grill side we have nearly every bbq accessory you could ever need as well as OVER 75 different sauces, rubs, and spices. One the Safe side we are the direct factory outlet for the Heritage Safe Company (MADE IN IDAHO!). Heritage Safes are the best bang for your buck on the market in terms of quality and protection for the money. And yes, we offer delivery!

Good Business Company, Live Better

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